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Plate carrying AGV
【Product Name】Plate carrying AGV
【Product details】

Dimension: L4800 x W1900 x H300(mm)
Structure: 6 wheels
Min. tumingdius: 2m
Rated Load:0.5-10T
Power supply: high effective lithium battery 24V 100AH
Charging: automatic online charging
Speed:6-60m/min, continuous and adjustable
Endurance: 24 hours
Guide: magnetic guide
Guidawe precision: +/-10mm
Operation Mode: automatic/manual (remote control)
Prrotecticn: audible and visual alarm.anti-collision bumper,obstacle detection, emergency braking, anti-skidding buffer, no function take effect when charging.
Work principle: plate carrying structure, available for variety of parts.give support for parts replace for overhead chain conveyor, and ems which are supposed to be applied in car body transfer from welding shop to palntlng shop,investment is lower than traditional conveyor line.

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